Halar Coating: Alternative of Glass Lining
Halar coating are used as corrosion Protection coating in the chemical process, pulp and paper pharmaceutical, food processing and semiconductor industries. coating thickness 300 to 2000 microns is possible, working tamprature capacity from cryogenic 150c. Erosion & Abrasive resistance. Harar powder coating are used as corrosion protection coating in the chemical process, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food processing , and semiconductor industries. Halar is recommended when the part will be used for handling of strong acids and strong bases at elevated temperatures.

Features: patch work in glass lining damage parts.

PTFE marine finished red & green color available coating thickness 25 to 35 microns Approx. and 500 hours salt spray test ok. Self lubricating good finish.

P.S.: each & every stud bolt packing available separately.

P.T.F.E. black, two coat system
Non stick coating food grade F.D.A.(Food & Drug Administration,)Approved.
100 Micron thickness possible.
Working temperature 290c. chemichal and solvent resistance.
Suitable for Food processing machine parts, blister roller, die mould, sturer etc.

Xylan - 1070
Xylan – 1070 is one coat fastners grade coating-class series has all the corrosion resistance you need. Xylon on Fastners has acceptable insulation against electrical current. Xylan is pure Teflon. 25 to 35 micron thickness coating is abailable. 1500 hours salt spray test is ok. Self lubricants and good finish. Tools easy operation.

Xylan 1424 is highly corrosion resistance more than. xylan – 1070. 2000 hours salt spray test is OK.
P.S. This grade also available in Two coats for more durable performance.

Vestakeep polyether ether ketone powder (PEEK) is new coating from Evonik Company Germany.
Its feature is compounds and powders made VESTAKEEP are especially suitable for applications subject to extreme mechanical, thermal and chemical requirement. 
Chemical resistance. 230c temperature working capacity. 
One year warranty. * Condition Apply

PVC(HD) Coating.
PVC Coating is self bonded coating(not sleeving) with 1500 microns(1.5mm) coating is possible.
It is chemical resistance, shock proof & soft finish also useful in roof hook, plating jigs, chemical plant fitting parts, flanges, etc.

Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride is a tough engineering thermoplastic that offers a unique balance of performance properties:
• Resistant to most chemical and solvents.
• Resistant to ultraviolet and nuclear radiation.
• Resistant to to wathering.
• Resistant to fungi.
• Low permeability to most gases and liquids.
• Low flame and smoke characteristics.
• Mechanical strength and toughness
• High abrasion resistance.
• High thermal stability.